Innovative Solutions for Response and Recovery

Now more than ever, TCIS is committed to supporting THA member hospitals by supplying ready-to-deploy solutions to assist with the financial and operational fallout of COVID. We have spent months working with our partners on solutions that address immediate needs of our member hospitals and will have the most significant impact on your bottom line and operations in the weeks and months to come. TCIS will continuously update the toolkit as the market and needs of our hospitals change.


The program that will save your hospital millions

Bernhard Energy

Infuse your organization with millions in additional capital through Bernhard’s Energy Asset Concession Program. Hospital clients have received upfront payments of $55 million plus millions in annual energy savings without interfering with their current energy savings performance contracts. Bernhard’s innovative program makes an upfront payment to your organization that gives Bernhard the right to use, maintain and renew thermal energy assets within your plant. Hospitals can then use the money to improve patient care, start new construction, or purchase much needed capital equipment.


“We are so excited about the significant value that Bernhard brings to our members through their innovative, unique approach. Bernhard Energy has pioneered, refined, and successfully delivered their Energy Asset Concession platform allowing the financial return to the hospital to be considerable.” –Joe Greene, TCIS

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RapidAWV Software


THA members serve over one million Medicare patients annually.  ChartSpan estimates that CCM and AWV services can deliver over $200M in new unrecognized revenue to our members. Capture some of that revenue by reaching your vulnerable patients faster and easier through ChartSpan’s CCM and Rapid Response AWV program. Easily collect additional revenue for your owned physician practices through a rapid response AWV program that provides a quick (24 hour setup) way for practices to provide virtual care to Medicare patients and collect additional revenue while doing it.

Proof it Works

“We were impressed with the comprehensiveness of the program, the work done behind the scenes, how the program fit our needs, and ultimately felt comfortable with offering this to our patients”- West TN Medical Group

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CDI Software


We know that most hospitals have a CDI program. So what makes Chartwise worth considering as a CDI solution? With a 5x-15x annual ROI, only ChartWise offers comprehensive clinical documentation improvement with built-in clinical expertise and computer-assisted CDI that gets results. Chartwise goes above and beyond your current coding vendor to increase reimbursements that your current vendor is not capturing. They are already helping TN hospitals increase their revenues through their easy to implement, cloud-based software and will even provide a complimentary ROI analysis for your hospital.

Proof it Works

“ChartWise CDI offers great value. I can’t believe how much is included in the set price. The cost is not even close to a competitor’s cost. ChartWise CDI definitely offers all of the functionality that we need for a quarter of the cost of other competitors.”

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Referral Management Software


Don’t miss referrals to your practices that can help to increase revenue at this critical time. Preferral is the fastest and easiest software solution to manage referrals and reduce patient leakage. Affordable and faster to launch than other platforms, Preferral is already making referral management better for hospitals and health systems across Tennessee.

Proof it Works

“Preferral gives us insight into targeting our marketing efforts that we can’t get from our EMR. We have experienced steady growth in the adoption of Preferral by practices throughout our market.” – Maury Regional Medical Group

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Credit Card Processing Auditor

Merchant Advocate

Merchant Advocate is helping Tennessee hospitals save money through the simple process of evaluating their credit card statements to find substantial savings. Merchant Advocate will negotiate on your behalf without switching processors and continue to monitor the agreement so your staff doesn’t have to. At times like these, every hospital should take advantage of the easy savings that requires little staff time to implement and have no upfront cost.

Proof it Works:

In the time that Regional One has been a client of Merchant Advocate, the last 6 months, they have added over $14,000 to our bottom line and the process was very simple. There was no upfront cost and very little labor involved. I give them my highest endorsement.”-Rick Wagers, CFO, Regional One Health

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Don’t wait to find out when patients have been hospitalized with COVID or other conditions, find out the minute it happens to better manage their care. Launched by THA, the ConnecTN program enables hospitals to have access to real-time ADT notifications to transform care coordination. The impact of those real time notifications include increased TCM revenue, reduced readmissions and improved coordination of care. ConnecTN even gives your practices the flexibility to choose which at-risk patients you want to track.

Do you know WHEN, WHERE, and WHY your patients are hospitalized?

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